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Polypropylene (PPR) Pipe System

As the only SANS 15874 certified hot and cold water PPR piping system manufactured in South Africa, Atlas Pipe is ideal for building projects of any size and comes backed by a 30-year guarantee.

Compared to metal piping, Atlas Pipe is cheaper, easier to install, corrosion and leak-proof, healthier, and not prone to theft.

The Atlas Pipe system is certified by SATAS to comply with the SANS 15874-2 & 5 and 15874-3 specifications and comes with a 30-year guarantee. In fact, Atlas Pipe is the only SANS 15874 approved hot and cold water piping system manufactured in South Africa. There are no comparable alternatives available on the local market today.

Why should you use a SANS certified piping system for all your building projects?

The National Building Regulations (SANS 10252) require that only SANS approved material is used in plumbing installations. Moreover, this gives you peace of mind that you are installing the proper product, that it has been tested as a system and it will perform as specified.

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Benefits of Atlas Polypropylene (PPR) Pipe

  • Cheaper than metal piping
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Corrosion and leak-proof
  • Not prone to theft
  • Certified by SATAS (SANS 15874)
  • Manufactured locally and always available
  • Backed by a 30-year guarantee

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  • Recommend and use Atlas Pipe for all your building projects.
  • Become a certified Atlas Pipe specialist by obtaining your technical installer certification.
  • Get assistance in the form of project planning, stock forecasting and site inspections from our multi-skilled team.
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Choose Atlas Plastics as your Piping Partner

Atlas Plastics has almost 50 years experience in the South African plastics industry. We pride ourselves on being South Africa’s leading PPR pipe manufacturer.

We supply piping for many building projects, both large and small, across Africa.

Our qualified and competent technical staff often consult on large-scale implementations and work with various engineering and architectural firms who depend on the advice and skilled services they provide. The enduring satisfaction of our client base is a testimony to our quality-standards compliant workmanship.

Rest assured, in Atlas Plastics, you have a reputable piping partner – not an ordinary supplier.

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The Unique Features of Atlas Pipe

We make the system with its various pipe sizes and fittings from a Random Copolymer Propylene (PP-R), approved for the manufacturing of pipes and fittings according to the SANS 15874 specification. PP-R is a thermoplastic resin, transformed into the finished product by means of extrusion (pipes) and moulding (fittings).

The fittings join using a fusion welding process. You heat the pipe and fittings with an electric heating tool, then push them together to create a solid, homogeneous bond. Fusion welding is the most reliable pipe joint method available.

The complete system is available in PN10 for cold water and PN16 for hot and cold water supply.

The green metric fusion pipe and fittings range from 16mm to 125mm widths.

The green metric fusion piping is available in 4m lengths (from 75mm to 125mm) and 6m lengths (from 16mm to 63mm).

Every component of the system carries our SANS 15874 mark, including the date and batch number.

Metal piping increases costs while being hazardous, prone to corrosion, calcification, leaks and theft. Don’t put your budget under pressure or risk tarnishing your reputation. Instead, enhance your reputation with South Africa’s only locally made SANS 15874 certified hot and cold water piping system.

The Advantages of Installing Atlas Pipe

Complete hot and cold water piping system
A single system with all the necessary parts for transporting hot and cold water in buildings of any size.

Manufactured locally and always available
Using international brands can cause delays in building projects due to availability issues. Our pipes and fittings are readily available. We deliver on-site and on-time to prevent project delays.

Cheaper than metal piping alternatives
Atlas Pipe is as much as 30% less expensive than copper and can save you up to 20% on plumbing materials.

Not prone to theft like metal piping
Theft of copper piping is a real risk – a problem sweeping South Africa like an epidemic. Thieves who strip copper plumbing from buildings render them uninhabitable while they leave you with costly damages and time-consuming repairs.

Lightweight and easy to install
The pipes and fittings join through an efficient fusion welding process. Fusion-welding is faster than many other methods of joining pipe and reduces labour costs.

Nullify corrosion, calcification or leaks
Fusion-welded joints form a consistent, permanent, lifelong leak-proof bond. Large-scale water damage disasters are less likely to occur.

No constant or costly maintenance
Because corrosion and leaks are non-existent, the system doesn’t need frequent maintenance—even after years of use. This further increases cost savings in the long run.

High heat retention and more energy efficient
Less heat loss and piping condensation provide evident water and energy savings. So, as the cost of water and electricity rises every year, property owners and residents will win.

First-class acoustic performance
The frictionless flow of PPR piping produces better flow rates than copper piping. So, our pipe makes less noise because liquids move quietly through the system.

Eco-friendly and recyclable
Polypropylene is recyclable and fit for a variety of applications throughout its lifespan. Project leaders can rest assured, knowing they use planet-friendly technology in their buildings.

Carcinogen free and friendly to human health
PPR is a poor conductor of electricity and thus a chemical resistant, non-toxic alternative to metal piping with no health risks.

The Various Applications of Atlas Pipe

Atlas Pipe is versatile and made to supply hot and cold water in any building. Watch the Atlas Pipe demo videos to see the system in action.

Atlas Pipe can supply buildings of any size:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Housing developments
  • Shopping centres
  • High rise buildings
  • Factories

Atlas Pipe is suitable for various applications:

  • Domestic water supply (hot & cold water)
  • High rise installation
  • Boilers and accumulator connections
  • Liquid distribution in industrial plants
  • Air conditioning systems

Don’t Risk Your Reputation

Metal piping increases costs while being hazardous, prone to corrosion, calcification, leaks and theft. Don’t put your budget under pressure or risk tarnishing your reputation. Instead, enhance your reputation with South Africa’s only locally made SANS 15874 certified hot and cold water piping system.

Choose Atlas Pipe for your next building. We look forward to serving you.

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